Tunnel Pod Dielikom
Author: Robert Hucko

Tunnel Pod Dielikom

The construction of the tunnel under Dielik began in January 1941 and was completed in 1944. The tunnel was 2003 m long. In addition to workers, from the railway company and company Ing. Lozovský and Štefanec it also involved unemployed people, who were assigned there by the district employment agency and inmates from the camp for antisocial people in Revúca. About 50% of the inmates were of Roma ethnicity. They worked under the supervision of the gendarmes to prevent escapes. The inmates performed the most difficult construction work. Today, the tunnel is partially flooded, and since 1997 has been declared a protected area to ensure the protection of the bat wintering ground, which ranks among the most important wintering grounds on a European scale in terms of the number and species composition of wintering bats.

GPS: 48.700879, 19.98444

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