About us
Source: Fotosúťaž MAS Malohont

About us

The regional tourism organization GEMER was established and operates on the basis of Act no. 91/2010 Coll. on the promotion of tourism. We bring together cities, municipalities and businesses that know the values ​​of the region and want to help make it progress.

We participate in the development of tourism infrastructure, regional product brands, bike path markings, finding sources of funding for projects, we represent at events in the region, but also outside it. We present our region in electronic form on the website www.regiongemer.sk, Facebook and instagram @RegionGemer, in printed form in the form of newsletters and modern brochures printed on ecological paper, which you can also view here.

Our ambition is to get the Gemer region on the map of sought-after holiday destinations, present the historical regions of Gemer and Malohont under a single brand at home and abroad, create competitive tourism products and encourage active cooperation between entities in the region.

Our members are:


1. Mesto Hnúšťa

2. Mesto Jelšava

3. Mesto Revúca

4. Mesto Rožňava

5. Mesto Tornaľa

6. Obec Jesenské

7. Obec Muráň

8. BUCK, s. r. o.

9. ENVILAW, s. r. o.

10. Kráľov dom, s. r. o.

11. anarchy.sk, s. r. o.

12. SMZ – Služby, a. s.

13. Štátna ochrana prírody Slovenskej republiky

14. ROZVOJOVÁ AGENTÚRA Banskobystrického samosprávneho kraja, n. o. 

15. PREDNA HORA, s. r. o.

16. Obec Muránska Huta

17. Obec Betliar

18. Banícke múzeum v Rožňave